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Call us crazy, but we have decided to restore a 1930s abandoned cottage farmhouse that was on a piece of land we purchased in a little town in Southwest Mississippi. I have always had an obsession with restoring broken things into something new. Whether it be painting an old picture frame or purchasing old junk from the antique store to give it new life on my shelf.  So when we purchased land with an abandoned white cottage, my heart knew this would be my forever home.  However, it took a lot of convincing my husband, Jake, to hop on my crazy train and you’ll see why soon!
So heres how this all started. When we purchased the land there were so many trees surrounding the house you could barely even tell there was one there! However, as we began cleaning up around it, removing the bushes and vines, the more I fell in love with this house. You see, I have another small obsession with little white farmhouses. I’ve always loved them and when I saw this tiny white cottage farmhouse with two front doors my heart was set. Of course the porch was falling in, there was no windows or doors, debris everywhere, holes in the sheetrock, old mattresses, trash, and leaves everywhere but I  was looking past the mass amount of negatives and I saw potential. I walked in the house that has no doors or windows and all I saw was the beautiful unharmed hardwood floors, tonged and groove pine walls, open layout, large windows, and 10 foot wood ceilings. Even though my husband said no, my pocketbook said no, most of my family said no, my heart said yes.
This is going to be a long journey for us, our hope is to restore this house debt free (I can hear your gasps from here :)) This means there will be many DIY projects, hard labor, long nights, probably a few fights, hiccups along the way, tons of patience, and lots of love. I am here to share this exciting, scary, good, bad, and the ugly of this journey with you. Showing you plans for our dream home, updating you throughout the restoration process, and giving you a little insight into our everyday life on Freedom Farms. We are putting our faith in a farmhouse that was abandoned over 30 years ago. We are bringing back to life something that has been broken for many years, molding it into something beautiful and useful. Why faith in a farm? Because ultimately our faith is in Jesus Christ, and through Him we can do all things. Join us for this crazy journey, we may be here awhile.

We can teach you how to grow food that will fill your tummies and your freezer.

Here’s a little honesty, I have always had a brown thumb. Seriously, a cactus is lucky to live that I work. However, throughout the years my husband has taught me so much about gardening and I have grown to love it, and yes plants are starting to live!
Here you will find simple gardening tips and tricks to help you work the garden instead of the garden working you. You can follow our process: purchasing seeds, planning, planting, working, harvesting, processing, and even cooking! We will be sharing our favorite Farm to Table Recipes we use here on the farm.

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Have you ever wanted a “Mini Farm?” Here’s your chance. We are sharing our experience so you can avoid the same mistakes we made!

Chickens, goats, cows, rabbits, sheep, ducks, honey bees, dogs, cats, horses… You name it, we’ve probably had it. From the time my husband and I were dating, he has always had animals. His passion is working our “mini farm.” We want to share our love for raising animals on the farm and give you find tips on how you can raise farm animals too. Plus, everyone loves cute pictures of baby goats, right?

Farming Posts

Life: Faith in Jesus Christ to Personal Stories
Everything that we do is revolved around Jesus Christ. Our mission in life is to serve Him and give God the glory in our lives. Living simply, faithfully, and respectively.


Who is this wannabe farmer named Ariel?

My story: I am a girl who grew up playing sports and competitive dancing but fell in love with a boy who loved all things farm related. We have been dating since I was 14 and he’s had my heart ever since. Even though I had no experience with the farm life, I knew I was head over heels for this man and I could not wait to start our own little farm. 7 years later, we have learned a lot and are continuing to grow our “mini farm.” Tending the animals, growing a garden, canning vegetables, freezing vegetables, gathering eggs, and cooking the food we’ve grown is now our everyday lives, and I hope you join along!


More about me: I have an obsession with turquoise and Jesus Christ. Wife. Mother. Sister. Friend. I love serving people and I hope that this blog will help you grow your farm, even when you have no clue what to do. Trust me, I know the feeling. I hope to inspire you to go against the odds, restoring a 1930s abandoned house is definitely against many good graces. But I believe in restoring the broken. Here’s the grand finale, that is important in getting to know me; My heart is dedicated to fighting human trafficking. The ministry I am a part of restores lives through self-defense training. We are empowering victims to be survivors through SWAT Ministries. That gives you a little insight into why I love seeing things restored, including lives. There is nothing more powerful that a story of restoration, having the ability to rise up and create something beautiful.




Life Blog Contributor:

Allie Reid

Daughter of the King. Pizza/pineapple/pug enthusiast. One Tree Hill obsessed. Student at the University of Alabama. (ROLL TIDE!) Future Speech-Language Pathologist. ESFJ. Dreamer. Frequent smiler. Fulfilled by His mercy. Blessed beyond measure. Happy, content, and loved.








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