Honey, We Have Bees! – Learning to become Bee Keepers

One thing I love about my husband, Jake, is that I never know what he is going to come home with. One day I got a call that said, Honey, we have bees – learning how to become Bee Keepers. He has been wanting to start a hive for awhile and we have not taken the time to get the resources or materials needed for a bee operation, and to be honest, it’s a little intimidating. I mean you’ve got to wear a full body suit tucked in, use smoke to keep them calm, buy boxes, harvest the honey… you get my point. However, now I am fascinated by them! We have been learning so much about how they operate and how each bee has a specific job. A man in our community, Mr. Mike, knows a lot about them and is helping us get started.

A few weeks ago Jake was building our shop on the property we purchased (read more about it here) He noticed that there were bees swarming in a tree nearby. We had seen honey bees in the abandoned house earlier but now we learned that the hive was splitting and beginning to look for a new home! Jake called Mr. Mike and he came, dressed fully in a bee suit, to transport them to a box.

Apparently there was a new queen bee in the hive and because the original queen bee was getting old, the hive split. Mr. Mike explained how to care for them and helped us by giving Jake a mask and a couple of boxes  for them to make their hive. When they were placed in the boxes they immediately began building honeycombs. As far as we can tell they are Italian Bees which are known for being a gentle species. We placed them on the back corner of our property near the garden. We are excited about our new adventure with bees, I’ll update you when we have some honey! 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the newest members of Freedom Farms, don’t worry I have a camera with a very good zoom lens!

Do you see the bright Yellow on the legs of the Bee in the middle? That is POLLEN!


As I stated before, we are learning all about beekeeping. Here are a few great articles I’ve found for beginner beekeepers:

A Guide to Beginner Beekeeping

Backyard Beekeeping

Home Beekeeping

There you have it, hang around as we are learning how to become Bee Keepers (because we are just getting started!)

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